Blacklisted websites in Thailand-Bangkok Pundit

July 1, 2010

A dubious distinction – blacklisted websites in Thailand

Bangkok Pundit: June 29, 2010

The Bangkok Post:

Media watchers FACT Thailand said that the number of blocked and blacklisted websites had passed 100,000, making Thailand the first country in the world to hit that goal; since April alone, said a FACT study, the Ministry of Internet Censorship of Thailand (MICT) and the emergency authorities have blocked 65,000 websites, bringing the total of blacklisted sites to 113,000 by June 15, with sites being added every day; the Orwellian Bureau of Prevention and Eradication of Computer Crime has added another layer of Net censoring, supposedly in the name of protecting the monarchy; one new tactic is to censor any site that mentions actual names such as former PM’s office minister Jak***ob Pe***ir or the Marxist professor G***s Ung***orn – two of 200 such blacklisted names that are to be wiped from Thai memory like a Russian encyclopaedia on Josef Stalin.

BP: Yesterday, Thailand (or perhaps more accurately, a number of ISPs were made an offer that they could not refuse) blocked Wikileaks. Obviously, BP had to check to see why and well, there are a number of documents and other media there that the Thai government would object too….

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