New ICT minister threatens ISPs-Bangkok Post

June 28, 2010

[FACT comments: Although penalties have long been in place to restrict bandwidth or lose operating licences for Thailand’s ISPs failing to fully cooperate with govt directives, this is the first time this fact has been stated so baldly by a high govt official.

The ICT minister also states that Russian hackers wish to hack into the Thai govt’s database. Let’s look at this logically, shall we? Exactly what database does the minister mean? (If those hackers get in, please send FACT a copy of the blocklist!)

And the solution? How about one more govt censor! A task force for suppression and enforcement. It sure must be dark in those govt caves—sheesh!]

Websites face new crackdown

Internet service providers will face legal action and have their licences withdrawn if they refuse to cooperate with the government to block websites deemed to be defamatory to the monarchy, the ICT minister warns.

Juti Krairiksh said yesterday the scheme is part of a new action plan to be implemented over three months.

The crackdown on defamatory websites was agreed upon by the Information and Communication Technology Ministry, the Justice Ministry and the Culture Ministry after a meeting yesterday which was arranged in a concerted effort to implement stricter measures against those who defame the monarchy.

The three ministers later signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint operation that will take place in three months.

Mr Juti said the first priority is to ask the justice minister for cooperation on security matters because the ICT Ministry has no personnel with experience in investigation and suppression.

It might be possible to establish a task force to handle the matter, he said.

The ICT Ministry’s permanent secretary will chair a meeting today of the coordination committee made up of members from the three ministries.

The ministry will ask for 50 staff from the Justice Ministry with experience in information technology to work closely with 30 staff members from the ICT Ministry who keep watch on the internet and propose action when they consider it necessary.He said the 30 existing staff were unable to keep pace with the rise in online crime.

Mr Juti also said Thailand has been a target of internet crime attacks so the task force had to focus on preventing hackers from entering the country’s important databases.

He had learned recently of a wager being made among computer hackers in Russia over who could take the least time to hack into the Thai government’s database.

It was found the hackers needed just 17 minutes to steal important information, the minister said.

Justice Minister Pirapan Salirathavibhaga said the ministry will seek the cooperation of internet service providers in the next three months to block websites that contain articles that are defamatory to the monarchy.

Those failing to cooperate will be dealt with and have their licences withdrawn, he said.

The ministry has so far shut down 43,000 websites [FACT: That’s actually 145,110 blocked websites, increasing by 500 per day.] deemed to be defamatory to the royal institution.

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