Frightful fables and fear-mongering fairytales-Cryptogram

April 17, 2010

[FACT comments: It is rather unlikely that the eminent cryptoanalyst and security expert wrote this about Thailand. Nonetheless, it is precisely what is happening right here, right now, and practically everywhere else, too.

Frightful Fables and Fear-Mongering Fairytales

Bruce Schneier

Crypto-Gram: April 15, 2010


Once upon a time, men and women throughout the land lived in fear.  This caused them to do foolish things that made them feel better temporarily, but didn’t make them any safer.

Gradually, some people became less fearful, and less tolerant of the foolish things they were told to submit to.  The lords who ruled the land tried to revive the fear, but with less and less success.

Sensible men and women from all over the land were peering behind the curtain, and seeing that the emperor had no clothes.

Thus it came to pass that the lords decided to appeal to the children. If the children could be made more fearful, then their fathers and mothers might also become more fearful, and the lords would remain lords, and all would be right with the order of


The children would grow up in fear, and thus become accustomed to doing what the lords said, further allowing the lords to remain lords.  But to do this, the lords realized they needed Frightful Fables and Fear-Mongering Fairytales to tell the children at bedtime.

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