Censorship makes rape game Internet sensation-Sify News

April 17, 2010

‘Rape simulator’ game becomes Internet sensation amid calls for censorship

Sify News: March 31, 2010


A “rape simulator” video game is fast becoming a rage across the Internet, causing internet censors to raise demands of blocking websites that host the game.

RapeLay, which allows a player’s virtual avatar to stalk and rape young girls, has come under fire from various quarters.

Players get points for following girls on commuter trains, raping virgins and their mothers, and then forcing them to have abortions.

Amazon and eBay have already taken off RapeLay from their websites, but its Yokohama-based maker Illusion said the game was in line with Japanese laws.

“These games are quite vile and for victims out there it’s quite distressing to come across these games or even just be aware that they exist and there’s a culture of rape tolerance and acceptance,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted sexual assault victims’ rights advocate, Nina Funnell as saying.

Karen Willis, executive officer of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, said: “While I don’t think that playing games causes people to go out and do things, what it can do for those who may already have that preclusion is further break down social barriers to them taking that action.” (ANI)

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