500 new websites blocked every day-Thai Rath

April 17, 2010

[FACT comments: Okay, pay attention here. They’re claiming to block 190 websites, 60% of which are “seditious” (incidentally, sedition means treason). That means, according to my calculator, that 114 websites host treasonable content. So why is govt blocking the remaining 76—just for target practice?!?

CRES goes on to say that MICT has been blocking 500 websites per day. After all, “it takes less than 10 minutes”! That’s 83½ man-hours per day at taxpayer expence to block the Internet! More than 10 full-time civil servants working eight hours a day to block the Web. And we bet they work at night, too!

With CRES we have one more busybody blocking our Internet. Royal Thai Police, Ministry of Culture, Royal Thai Army, National Defence College, Ministry of ICT are some of the other culprits against free expression and we’d bet there are more. Working flat-out through the holidays using the martial law so they don’t need court orders. Pitiful, really…]

190 websites ordered closed by the CRES

Prachatai: April 16, 2010


The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation has ordered the MICT to close 190 websites, of which over 60% are claimed to be politically seditious.  Since the red shirt protests started, the MICT has ordered the blocking of about 500 URLs per day on average.

On 16 April, a source at the CRES said that the CRES had ordered the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to close 190 seditious websites, most of which broadcast the red shirts’ protests.

According to the source, officials are keeping a close watch, especially over camfrogs broadcasting the protests which provoke and incite violence and divisiveness.  It takes less than 10 minutes to block an URL.  However, there have been some hurdles with small ISPs, because during Songkran they did not have staff to do 24 hour a day monitoring.

About 7-8 URLs of the YouTube website where seditious clips were posted have been ordered closed.  Some websites have continued by changing their domain names from .com to .net [Prachatai, for example].  The 190 websites were ordered closed only temporarily, and when the situation returns to normal, they can go back online.  They will be notified by email, the source said.

The MICT has received complaints to close about 400-500 URLs a day, of which 60% were politically seditious, with the rest being websites offensive to the monarchy, containing pornography, or offering gambling and drugs.

The source confirmed PM’s Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey previous statement that the MICT could order the closure of websites directly, because it was authorized under the State of Emergency.

Those who wish to inform on such seditious websites can call 1212 and 1555, the CRES public relations centre.



5 Responses to “500 new websites blocked every day-Thai Rath”

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  3. Andrew Says:

    This is a confusing article, though. Has MICT received complaints to close 400-500 URLs a day, or has it actually closed them, or has it simply received orders to close them? Are blocking and closing different things?

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