FACT exclusive: English news sites blocked

February 26, 2010

English news sites blocked

CJ Hinke

February 26, 2010

Why anyone would consider using the ISP of the Telephone Organisation of Thailand (TOT) is anyone’s guess. TOT is always the quickest to block, either pre-emptively or at MICT’s “requests”.

Note that independent blocking by an ISP is illegal in the absence of a court order.

The powers-that-be must be getting anxious over the Thaksin verdict today. LiberalThai has been blocked for quite awhile. Thailand Crisis fades in and out of blocking. Absolutely Bangkok has been blocked an unblocked.

And FACT was blocked on February 24, though only for several hours and only for TOT customers. TOT’s explanation was an incompatibility between their software and the Unicode font embedded in MICT’s blocklist. Which, of course, begs the question, why was FACT in TOT’s or MICT’s records in the first place?

FACT signer John Francis Lee reports McClatchy Newspapers, a Washington-based chain, was blocked yesterday.

And Asia Sentinel, based in Hong Kong, is being blocked today at TOT as well as CAT which FACT uses. Perhaps the block relates to the February 22 article, “A Deal in Thailand Over Thaksin’s Wealth?” by Pavin Chachavalpongpun, though it certainly doesn’t say anything more than the local rags are saying.

It’s also interesting that MICT’s strategy is to block root homepages rather than just articles they find questionable.

Here’s a little advice for the Thai censors. You don’t stand a chance keeping any information secret. And what do you need to hide from Thailand’s citizens anyway? There’s a lesson here—dinosaurs go extinct!

Of course, savvy FACT readers can simply ignore MICT’s censorship and use anonymous proxies, VPN, psiphon, TOR, Vaultletsoft, UltraSurf, FreeGate and numerous others to read what you want to.

Any other Websites you’ve noticed blocked? Paranoia rulez!


4 Responses to “FACT exclusive: English news sites blocked”

  1. yep, for whatever silly reasons, YAHOO DEUTSCHLAND (the german yahoo homepage via which i usually access my yahoo mail account) appeared to be blocked for 24 hrs or so on tuesday (also TOT); clicking the link, i was redirected to that w3.mict.go.th or so “block page”. managed to access my email via a direct link to yahoo mail, however, when logging out, i was again redirected to the mict block page. i myself got paranoia at first (are they watching me??) until i realized they had just blocked, or so it seemed, the german yahoo site. no idea, though, why they should have blocked yahoo germany, makes absolutely no sense and just demonstrates how plain stoopid they are (presume none of their cyber cops can even read german.) was ok again on wednesday.

  2. blake ingram Says:

    it wont let me get on becasue of a schools filter

  3. Mr. V Says:

    I noticed that Asiasentinel is fully blocked without any MICT screen on TOT network once again. Any idea why? It had been unblocked for quite some time already and now blocked once again. Noticed this now, used it last week I think now, not anymore.

  4. I wouldn’t expect this in Thailand :S

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