More letters to Darunee-PPT

November 9, 2009

Letters to Da in a time of vulnerability

Political Prisoners in Thailand: November 5, 2009

PPT has posted previously about the ‘Letters to Da’ /“จดหมายถึง ‘ดา’” project. See here, here and here for our previous coverage of letters to Darunee Charnchoensilpakul, convicted in a closed court of lese majeste.

The latest letters were posted on 21 October 2009 on Prachatai, “Letters 14-15: Letter from ‘A free thinker’ Your Issues Are Our Issues.” The authors offer hope for a different future, and remind the readers that while people can be caged in prison, thinkers cannot.

At what point, PPT wonders, will it become criminal to express concern about those who have been accused of committing crimes of lese majeste? During a week in which arrests and surveillance are on the rise, PPT supports and applauds those who write to Da. Pick up a pen and write her a postcard or letter. Remind her that she has not been forgotten.

Read the letters in full here: Prachatai, 21 October 2009, “ฉบับ14–15 : จดหมายจาก “เสรีปัญญาชน” เรื่องของคุณก็เรื่องของเรา”.

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