New edition of ‘The Devil’s Discus’ available

November 6, 2009

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) is pleased to announce a new publication of The Devil’s Discus by Rayne Kruger.


Although some PDF scans have circulated on the Internet in English (1964), Thai (1974), Japanese (1977) and German (2009), this is the first book reprint in English since The Devil’s Discus first edition in 1964.


The Devil’s Discus is a fine work of investigative journalism about the gunshot death of Rama IX, King Ananda Mahidol in 1946, aged 20.  King Ananda was elder brother to the present King of Thailand.


The Ananda death case is never publicly discussed in Thailand and is not taught in schools or universities due to threats of prosecution for lèse majesté.


The book was immediately banned in Thailand due to its sensitive subject so it was never commercially viable for the publisher to reprint.


However, in 1974, the Political Science Students Association of Thammasat University privately issued two separate printings of a Thai translation, กงจักรปีศาจ (Kongjak Bisat) and distributed them secretly. This translation was not banned until 2006.


The Devil’s Discus

Rayne Kruger

Dragon’s Mouth Press

Hong Kong


ISBN-10: 988-97752-5-5

ISBN-13 978-988-97752-5-4


The Devil’s Discus may be purchased from ABE Books


Please note this book CANNOT be shipped to addresses in Thailand.



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