Website owner fined over sex pix-The Nation

July 31, 2009

[FACT comments: “Trouble in Paradise” posted this comment to ThaiVisa. “Let’s see, if I buy paper and a pen, then use those to write a book that breaks Thai law, is it me or the pen and paper manufactures that go to jail????

Also why stop at the forum owner? What about the owner of the ISP that allowed him to upload the images, the computer manufactor that built the computer he used, the camera company of the camera he used, and so on?”  Precisely our thoughts. Website owners, administrators and moderators are, by and large, volunteers. And they don’t work 24 hours a day. If govt wants a takedown, MICT should accept the responsibility for being the censor.]  


Website owner gets suspended jail term sex-scene pictures posted

The Nation: July 24, 2009


The owner of a message-board website got a suspended one-year jail term and a fine of Bt20,000 after a user posted sex-scene pictures of a Thai woman on his site.


The Criminal Court found Pongwit Singsun 23, guilty of violations of the Computer-Related Crimes Act for allowing his website to be used to damage another person’s reputation.


Public prosecutors charged that the crime took place from October 6 to November 30.


A user posted the sex-scene pictures of a woman in Nakhon Sawan, who alerted police.


The court initially sentenced Pongwit to years and fine of Bt40,000 but commuted the penalties by half after he pleaded guilty.


The court later suspend the one-year jail term and put him on probation for two years during which he must report to probation officials for eight times. He is also required to carry out social service for 48 hours.

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