Your Embassy of Piracy

May 19, 2009

[FACT comments: Okay, you’re a Young Pirate, joined the Pirate Party, volunteered at the Pirate Bureau, torrent at The Pirate Bay…here’s your Embassy! Check the anthem…]


…the largest Embassy in the world

Piracy has a great anthem! :

Time is epic, the ecosystem of the Internet is tested and we are here to defend it. Old regimes are passing new laws and new regulations to uphold a failing system that nobody really wants.

An internet today is not some virtual entity, but a network that can materialize in everything from court systems, parliaments and phone networks to memes, music and art systems. Internet is a methodology, not a place.

The idea of an Embassy of Piracy came up when Piratbyrån and The Pirate Bay got invited to contribute to first Internet Pavilion that will be part of this years Venice Biennial. As an Embassy our task is to represent the freedom of Internet and pirates of Internet and to promote the Kopimi way of life.

The Embassy

The Embassy has multipliable and modifiable form in shape of a pyramid. By downloading and printing out the foldable paper model you can make the Embassy materialize anywhere; in public spaces, in the forest, at work, school or on your dinner table or for your pets.

Remember, when you form an Embassy, you are legally within internet territory. Together we will multiply a growing number of Embassies all over the world. Share your photos of The Embassy on the

We are all the Embassy, we are all Ambassadors of the freedom of Internet. This adventure is ours to swarm, modify and share.


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