Zimbabwe ‘peace & happiness’ blog blocked-Global Voices

April 14, 2009

Zimbabwe: My Blog is Blocked!
Ndesanjo Macha
Global Voices Advocacy: April 7, 2009


On Friday March 20, 2009 the Zimbabwean blog, Peace, love & happiness unto the whole world, was blocked. The author of the blog, Eusebia, wrote a short post about it saying, “I have not idea why my blog is being blocked…I refuse to be censored or cowered into silence by anyone because I know my human right of freedom of expression…”

After we contacted her for more information, we gathered that her “someone” was trying to block her blog for almost two weeks.

Someone is blocking my blog, reads the headline of her post about it:

Someone is blocking my blog and I am posting this article merely to show that person that I can
go around the blocking and still be able to access my blog and actually post whatever I want on it.
I have no idea why my blog is being blocked and whatever the reason is it has made me even more determined to post more controversial or provocative articles. I refuse to be censored or cowered
into silence by anyone because I know my human right of freedom of expression and am determined to
exercise it to the full.

She promised to be back with more controversial articles:


In 2007 Zimbabwean government created a blacklist of 41 websites, which included Global Voices. In the same year the Interception of Communication Bill was passed into law. The act gives the government the power and right to monitor postal, telephone and internet traffic in Zimbabwe.

** Bloggers experiencing censorship related problems may benefit from Global Voices Advocacy, a project of Global Voices Online, which seeks to build a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and online activists throughout the developing world that is dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and free access to information online.

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