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April 14, 2009

Tunisia: Blogger’s Home Raided, Laptop and CDs Robbed
Sami Ben Gharbia
Global Voices Advocacy: April 11, 2009

The house of the Tunisian journalist and blogger Zied el-Heni has been raided last night (April 10, 2009). In a blog post published today, Zied wrote that his laptop and CDs which contain all his work have been robbed:

I am sorry to inform you that my house has been raided and robbed on April 10, 2009. They stole my laptop and CDs which contain the efforts of my work day and night. I surrendered to pressure from friends, and reported the incident to the police, who took the usual procedures in such cases.

In September 2008, blogger Zied el-Heni filed a lawsuit against the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) for blocking the social networking website Facebook, which had lasted for two weeks, claiming that the ATI’s illegal censorship violated his right to free access to information. The case was dismissed by the Third District Court in November 2008.

Zied’s case was supported massively by Tunisian bloggers who declared November 4th (the date of the court hearing on lawsuit that was filed by blogger Zied El Heni against the Tunisian Internet Agency) as a national day for the freedom of blogging.

Zied’s blog has been blocked in Tunisia since October 23th, 2008. Thirty other personal blogs are also blocked by the Tunisian Internet Agency.

* Many thanks to Amira Al Hussaini for the translation of Zied’s post

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