No charges for Krue Se murders-Bangkok Post

March 6, 2009

Another blow to rights record
Decision not to indict six officers for Krue Se mosque attack angers justice group.
Bangkok Post: March 1, 2009

The Working Group on Justice for Peace has condemed a decision by the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) not to charge six security officers with the murder of 32 people in 2004 at the Krue Se mosque.

The OAG decided against indicting them on Feb 10.

It has now informed the working group, led by Angkhana Neelaphaijit, wife of the missing Muslim lawyer Somchai, of its decision.

Mrs Angkhana’s working group cited an International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) report to express concern that no legal action had been taken against security authorities.

They are accused of serious human rights violations and extrajudicial killings of suspected drug traffickers and suspected insurgent militants in the deep South.

The ICCPR said in a recent report on Thailand’s human rights situation that state authorities violated the human rights of criminal suspects. The report said that victims of human rights violations in this country would not receive any assistance from the state.

Pol Sgt-Maj Adinan Kasetkala, SM1 Decha Phalaharn, SM1 Choosak Darunpim, Sgt Chidchai Ontoh, Pvt Surachai Silanan and Col Manas Kongpan are among those accused of being involved in the killing of 32 suspected insurgents during the April 28, 2004, military attack at Pattani’s Krue Se mosque.

The working group also cited a report by an independent panel which investigated the Krue Se mosque case, headed by Sujinda Yongsunthorn.

The report said the attack by security authorities on suspected insurgents at the mosque was inappropriate, as they could have used non-violent means to end the confrontation.

The government is in the process of reviewing its handling of the violence in the South.

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