Private search with Scroogle

February 20, 2009

[FACT comments: We’ve been waiting a long time for Google to support truly private searches. Now comes a safe search engine for Google. Scroogle can use direct HTTP connections, leaves no cookies on your computer, no search-term records and has an access log deleted within 48 hours. However, the SSL bank-grade encryption version means no ISP or government can snoop what you’re searching. Tres cool! Super-fast, too. Explorer v7, Opera, Camino plug-ins available at Scroogle and Firefox v1-v3 extensions here Further info at Many languages are supported but no Thai yet.]

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            Scroogle Scraper (SSL)

Scroogle is a web service that disguises the Internet address of users who want to run Google searches anonymously.[4] Scroogle also gives users the option of having all communication between their computer and the search page be SSL encrypted.[5]

The tool was created by Google critic Daniel Brandt,[2][3] who was concerned about Google collecting information on users, and set up Scroogle to filter searches through his servers before going to Google. “I don’t save the search terms and I delete all my logs every week. So even if the feds come around and ask me questions I don’t know the answer because I don’t have the logs any more,” he said “I don’t associate the search terms with the user’s address at all, so I can’t even match those up.”[6]

Traffic has doubled every year and as of December 2007, Scroogle had passed 100,000 visitors a day.[7]

Besides anonymous searches, the tool allows users to perform Google searches without receiving Google advertisements. There is support for 28 languages[8], and the tool is available as a browser plug-in.

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2 Responses to “Private search with Scroogle”

  1. First seen on CNN this morning, this Australian paper confirms Harry’s pardon and release from prison.

  2. Thanks for the information on scroogle! I found a firefox search extension that I’ve made my default, using ssl. This is excellent work!

    People don’t understand the monster that google has become.
    Google is a Jekyl and Hyde corporation, doing tremendous good intentionally while doing tremendous evil in the background.

    This middleware, although it requires us to trust Daniel Grant, could eventually be certified and duplicated around the world making it as quick and painless to use as google itself.

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