Senator calls Red Siam call to “rebellion”

February 17, 2009

[FACT comments: Things are getting pretty weird–first a journalist and now a Senator are turning ‘yellow’! Kamnoon is far too mild in his opinions but perhaps he hasn’t studied Thai history in a while. Giles’ manifesto is a call to revolution largely modelled on democracy revolutionaries in 1932 which brought Thailand from an absolute to a Constitutional monarchy. ‘Revolution’ is not just insurrection quickly brought to heel. The ‘red people’ have been entirely silent over Comrade Giles; we suspect they are backpedalling as quickly as possible to distance themselves from a real revolutionary rather than another sheep apologist for a rich fat-cat. In fact, we think they may not have much loyalty at all–they offered no support to Boonyuen, Da Torpedo or even Jakrapob! Perhaps they are as faithless as government lackeys.]

Manager columnist-turned-Senator considers Ji’s manifesto a rebellion.

Prachatai: February 12, 2009

On Feb 11, Kamnoon Sidhisamarn, an appointed senator, said in an ASTV programme that Giles Ji Ungpakorn’s release of his ‘Red Siam manifesto’ on Feb 9, attacking the monarchy and Thai people who regard the King as their Father, was considered rebellion, as he wanted Thailand to become a republic with all public positions elected.

Kamnoon said that Ji had written an article arguing that the Preah Vihear belonged to Cambodia, and saying at the end of the article that he was not Thai and was proud to be born Chinese and English.

Kamnoon questioned whether academics, from the Midnight University in particular, who had signed a petition to abolish the lèse majesté Article 112 of the Criminal Code, were aware of Ji’s action, whether they knowingly and fully supported him, and whether they agreed with the abolition of the law that would also acquit others such as Da Torpedo and Chucheep Chewasuth who had made offensive remarks about the monarchy.

He also questioned whether Thaksin Shinawatra and the red-shirted people agreed with Ji’s wish to turn Thailand into a republic.

He went on to say that he disagreed with the security authorities’ approach to deal quietly with those who committed lèse majesté offences for fear of an escalating effect.  He had trust in most bureaucrats, but above these bureaucrats were politicians, some of whom held dangerous attitudes.

‘I regard this is a major issue, and this is a dangerous situation, because it adds to political conflicts, to subversive efforts against the government, and supports the red-shirted people as well,’ said Kamnoon. 

Kamnoon is a key columnist for the Manager Group and is an appointed senator.  In mid-January this year, he led dozens of other senators to officially establish a special committee to study and monitor the enforcement of the laws and measures to protect the monarchy.

Kamnoon’s interview with ASTV (in Thai)

Source: “คำนูณ” เฉ่ง “ใจ” ทำลายประเทศให้ร้ายในหลวง-เข้าข่ายกบฏ

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