MICT blocks Red Siam Manifesto-Prachatai

February 17, 2009

[FACT comments: Incredible! Without a court order?!?]

MICT asks ISPs to block ‘Red Siam’

Prachatai: February 14, 2009


On Feb 13, Aree Jiworarak, Director of the Information Technology Supervision Office under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, sent e-mails to executives of internet service providers (ISPs), saying that the Office had found there was a publication disseminated on the internet called the ‘Red Siam Manifesto’ which affected national security.
He asked for their cooperation in ‘keeping watch for the circulation of the article.  And if your systems can enable filters to prevent access to it, please do so, as that would greatly benefit national security.  Please act urgently.’
The director also sent a list of web pages he deemed as constituting lèse majesté, and asked the ISPs to block them urgently.  Those included blogs containing parts of the article; Matichon online’s “Anupong brushes off Ji’s Red Siam Manifesto as insulting” [FACT: of whom?] (อนุพงษ์”ปัดตอบ”ใจ”ออกแถลงการณ์สยามแดงหมิ่น”), The Nation’s Bangkokbiznews’ “Unit 6080 scrutinizes lèse majesté – has no budget to chase after reds” (ฉก.6080จับตาหมิ่นเดชาฯ-ไม่มีงบสลายแดง), Prachatai’s “Ji Ungpakorn gives interview to English media; does nt believe he would get justice in lèse majesté case” (‘ใจ อึ๊งภากรณ์’ ให้สัมภาษณ์สื่ออังกฤษ เชื่อไม่ได้รับความเป็นธรรมคดีหมิ่นฯ); and comment threads in Serithai.  Currently, some pages are not accessible, with readers redirected to http://w3.mict.go.th/ instead.

Source: ไอซีทีอ้างความมั่นคง ขอความร่วมมือบล็อคข่าว ‘แดงสยาม’

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