Harun Yahya shuts another Turkish website-BIA

December 1, 2008

[FACT comments: Harun Yahya is no Ataturk so why is Turkey treating him as if this were lese majeste?]

Creationist Adnan Oktar gets the internet site nacizanebilgi.com shut down on the grounds that he was insulted..
He is asking for 4000 euro as an indemnity
Erol ÖNDEROĞLU – hukuk@bianet.org
Bia News Center: November 24, 2008


Creationist Adnan Oktar, a representative of the Science Research Foundation (BAV), is asserting mental anguish damages against the internet dictionary site naçizanebilgi.com in the amount of four thousand euro on the grounds that his person was attacked.

Upon Oktar’s lawyer Melih Demir’s initiative, the Criminal Court of First Instance of Silivri had gotten temporary junction against the site on July 1, 2008.
Banning access to the site and a suit for damages

The access to the site was banned because of the interpretations made under the heading related to Oktar.

Oktar’s other lawyer Kerim Kalkan demands that “the site is banned for good, internet publishing similar in content should be prevented, a disclaimer should be published in two national newspapers with more than 100.000 readers, and the accused should be sentenced to an indemnity of 4000 euro.

The content of the site included claims against Oktar’s interest in sexual abuse, how he was able to get out of the lawsuits against him, and similar views.
He went against famous evolutionists Dawkins’ site, too

Istanbul’s Şişli 2nd Criminal Court of Peace banned world famous evolutionist Prof. Richard Dawkins’ internet site (richarddawkins.net) in Turkey on the grounds that Adnan Oktar’s personality was violated by this site.

The court reached the decision to ban the site on September 3. The site was accused of containing insults against Oktar’s (known as Harun Yahya too) book titled “Atlas of Creation”.

According to Yasemin Arpa from NTV, Oktar filed a lawsuit for the damages of mental anguish against Oxford professor biologist and thinker Richard Dawkins in the amount of 8000 YTL (about 4000 Euro). Dawkins’ book The God Delusion is a best-seller in Turkey.

Claiming he was insulted and slandered through an article criticizing the internet bannings from the legal perspective, which appeared in bianet.org, Adnan Oktar (Adnan Hodja) announced that he was planning to go to court if the said article was not taken off the site.

The article that Oktar thought insulting him was written by Yaman Akdeniz, a faculty from the Law Department of the University of Leeds, and Kerem Altıparmak, a member of the Human Right Center of the Political Science Department of Ankara University, and published by Bianet on October 20.

A complaint by Adnan Oktar (also called Harun Yahya) led to the banning of another internet site yesterday (September 24). This time, the 2nd Civil Court of First Instance of Gebze in İstanbul banned the internet site of the Union of Education and Scientific Workers (Eğitim-Sen), egitimsen.org.tr. The access to the site was banned as a reaction to the Union’s press release about Adnan Oktar’s Creation Atlas, which was sent to the schools free of charge on February 28.

Moreover, upon Oktar’s complaints, the internet site gazetevatan.com.tr for daily Vatan and turandursun.com for the murdered writer Turan Dursun were shut down as well. Turan Dursun’s site is continuing with its activities from a new site: http://www.turan-dursun.com/

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