Malaysia: Vigil for jailed Raja Petra-Global Voices

May 14, 2008

Malaysia: Vigil for jailed Raja Petra
John Kennedy,
Global Voices: May 08, 2008

Take note of what’s been happening in Malaysia these past few days since popular blogger and political commentator Raja Petra Kamarudin, 58, was imprisoned on Tuesday after a trial which saw him charged with sedition for having written a blog post…If the Malaysian government was truly worried about bloggers effecting social unrest, now they have it. Remember, this is a country where any politician worth their mutton—Jeff Ooi was one of several Malaysians who rode their blog and calls for reform to Parliament in recent elections—has a blog, and even the old goats now blog too…Ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has a highly-read blog, as does PM hopefulAnwar Ibrahim…“They set up their blogs, and they try to close down our blogs.”

2 Responses to “Malaysia: Vigil for jailed Raja Petra-Global Voices”

  1. longsmith Says:

    Anybody heard of it’s about to launch at the end of this month?

  2. grkumar Says:

    A wider and more honest dialogue or discussion on this man and his fate is required:

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