Egypt: Facebooking the struggle-Global Voices

May 2, 2008

Egypt: Facebooking the Struggle
Sami Ben Gharbia
Global Voices Advocacy: May 1, 2008

After little less than a month following the April 6 strike in support of the textile workers in Mahalla City, during which a number of prominent Egyptian bloggers and internet activists were arrested, preparations for the next round of a planned general strike to mark the 80th birthday of President Hosni Mubarak, on May 4, 2008, are currently spreading all over the blogosphere and the Internet. And like the preparation for the April 6 strike, the internet has a vital role to play in mobilizing for the upcoming protest. SMS, email, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter: almost all of these outlets are used by Egyptian Internet activists in their campaign the May 4 event. We’ve even seen a Facebookist Movement to Overthrow Mubarak being created. Another group entitled “We don’t want Muslim Brothers” is calling for the strike but without participation of the Muslim Brotherhood, who recently decided to join May 4 protest.

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  1. […] has been demonstrated by two outstanding blogs  namely Global Voices and Ushahidi.  According to Sami Ben Garbhia’s  blogpost entitled Facebooking the struggle,written in  Egypt where  authoritarian regime […]

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