Japan: Preteen models hot-Japan Times

April 8, 2008

[FACT comments: Smut is in the eyes of the beholder! If you get turned on by 12-year olds in thong bikinis, it’s you who has the problem! Unlike Western countries, explicit pornography is illegal in Japan. So should we ban ice cream cones or thong bikinis?!?]

Photos of preteen girls in thongs now big business
Japan Times: May 3, 2007


The latest trend of preteen girls striking provocative poses in slinky bathing suits has some people questioning whether this is child pornography…Japan has tended to be more open about sex and sex culture…There are a large number of shops with Junior Idol and U-15 (Under 15) signs in Tokyo…Although there is no full nudity, the scantily clad children are often pictured seductively blowing on the end of a flute or licking an ice cream cone…”Japan has slowly been implementing legal measures against child pornography, but the ambience, culture and religion of the country makes people less uncomfortable about such issues compared with Western societies.”

[See for yourself! Asuka Izumi http://www.izumiasuka.com/info.html, U-15 http://www.imouto.tv/]


3 Responses to “Japan: Preteen models hot-Japan Times”

  1. Dear Readers,

    The promoters of globalization claimed that it will benefit everyone because a worlwide economy open to competition with little or no hindrance will benefit everyone because competition brings out the best in us.

    Fact is, the opposite is true because globalization is like putting seal pups together with the great white sharks in one aquarium. There is no competition because the sharks just eat the seal pups. End of story.

    What does this have to do with Japan’s latest trend?

    How Japan deals with its trend should be none of our business. Same as Thailand’s business should be their business and America’s business should be their business.

    “Trend” is a manifestation of “Culture”. You cannot condemn one country’s/nation’s culture because it’s not compatible to yours. That’s their God-given right (if ever we believe in One).

    If America likes to mix sex and violence in their movies, that’s their God-given right.

    If Netherland allows marijuana use, that’s their God-given right.

    If Sweden allows brother-sister marriage, that’s their God-given right.

    If Japan wants to wear gothic lolita fashion in public and take great pride in the beauty of their youth… that’s their God-given right.

    If smaller and weaker countries/nations allow their culture to be dictated by the countries/nations of powerful cultures, you end up with one monotonic, boring culture (light scenario) OR another global war (extreme scenario).

    I don’t see the reason why countries/nations have to meddle in the personal affairs of other countries/nations (especially, if there’s no war going on).

    Humans have a natural tendency for global cooperation but with cultural variety. We better be careful not to shift that greater balance.

  2. widi Says:

    I like sex with underage girl

  3. Tina Says:

    Let me add a couple of things:

    Many humans are F++++ked up as a result of their twisted upbringing and disfunctional parents. Humans desire POWER and self reightousness and really subscribe to the “good ol boy” auto-feed as can be seen by “Condominium Associations” that DICTATE how you will behave with your PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY. That is one that needs to be challenged in the courts as it is a violation of the Constitution and is a classic example of what you have here and it spans nations as well, because many blind, self rightous Americans are all about telling other countries how to live. I say BACK OFF, live and let live. That will create more peace than anything else and will help the economy, as no money will be spent on wars. Most people wont get it and will try to slam my statement as America to the core, are pretty much a large group of dumb red necks.

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