Anonymous blogging in Chinese-Global Voices

March 14, 2008

[FACT comments: Getting ready for the Olympics to crack China’s censorship shell.]Anonymous Blogging guide now available in Chinese
Global Voices: March 13, 2008

Thanks to one very gracious individual who unfortunately insists on remaining anonymous, Global Voices Online co-founder Ethan Zuckerman’s guide Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor is now available in Chinese, bringing years of experience in combining technology with activism not only to yet another part of the world but also, at just under 5MB, in a handy package designed specifically to be shared.

Coming later this month will be the translation of Mary Joyce’s guide Blog for a Cause!, a perfect next step for those soon to be—and those who already are—equipped with the basics of what it takes to keep safe while doing certain kinds of work online. As with Anonymous Blogging, Adobe Acrobat Reader might be needed to view it and can be downloaded for free here.

And back to Ethan for the last word:

If you don’t really need to be anonymous, don’t be. If your name is associated with your words, people are likely to take your words seriously. But some people are going to need to be anonymous, and that’s why this guide exists. Just please don’t use these techniques unless you really need to.

Please certainly do feel free to help build this project by translating either Blog for a Cause! or Anonymous Blogging into your own language.

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