Angels on warpath-Daily Xpress

March 14, 2008

[FACT comments: The tempest over “War of Angels” is raising more bubbles  than a Petchburi massage parlour. Get a life!]

Angels on warpath
Interviews canned as author of soap on flight attendants finds herself in legal trouble
By Mayuree Sukyingcharoenwong
DAILY XPRESS: March 13, 2008

The “War of Angels” ended last week as far as television audiences are concerned. But there is no sign of peace for the players in real life.

Channel 3 this week censored two interviews relating to controversial novel “Songkram Nang Fah” (“War of Angels”). The reason? It doesn’t want to be part of a legal fight.

The nationwide audience of “Jub Khao Khui” talk show were disappointed on Monday night when an interview with Royreudee Kenny, main character and author of the soap opera, was postponed indefinitely.

The show’s host, Sorrayuth Suthassanachinda, told his fans the following day that the channel’s censorship panel did not allow the recorded interview to be aired for legal reasons. The panel said Royreudee was involved in a legal battle.
Legal tussle

Last week, police arrested Royreudee, 52, accusing her of posting pictures of Patchara Silapapreecha, a Thai Airways cabin attendant, on the Internet. The pictures led many to believe that Patchara was the real-life bad character, Cherry, of the soap opera.

The channel was worried that if it aired the interview, it could be dragged into legal problems as Royreudee had named a “third party” in the interview, Sorrayuth said.

On Tuesday night, Channel 3 again did not allow talk show “At Ten” to telecast the interiew with Royreudee’s ex-husband, Ning, and his first wife, Orn, their daughter, Norn, and Ning’s mistress, Patchara.

The show’s PR officer, Narissara Wattakee, said the channel was concerned about a legal tussle. She said the interview would not be telecast until the channel gave the green light.

In promos of Sorrayuth’s talk show last week, Royreudee was excerpted as saying she was not as good a woman in real life as shown in the TV soap. She had married and divorced several times in real life.
Dramatic past

Royreudee divorced Ning in 1996, keeping custody of their two children. He married Patchara two years ago and the couple have a year-old child.

The soap opera bubbled into controversy on January 21 when Thai Airways flight attendants urged the government to axe the prime-time drama because it showed stewardesses wearing short skirts and fighting while in uniform.

Royreudee, using the pen-name “Airkee”, wrote about her miserable love life and posted it on, which became an instant hit. In March 2007, it was published as a Bt135-novel titled “Cheewit Rantod – Ruangjing Phan Comp” (“The Melancholic Life – A True Story from the Computer”).

The 200-page bestseller, which is mostly based on Royreudee’s life, tells the story of an innocent 21-year-old stewardess named Rin, or Royreudee in real life, who falls in love with Ning, a tall and handsome pilot. Four years later Ning marries Rin because of an unplanned pregnancy.

An Indian firm recently approached Royreudee, asking for a deal to turn the novel into an Indian soap opera.

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