Finland police unblock Thai website

February 22, 2008

Finland police unblock Thai website

According to Finnish newspaper Digitoday, has been unblocked in Finland and removed from a child pornography blocklist containing more than 1,700 websites, many listed in error. was, in fact, found to contain a single child porn image uploaded by a user and unnoticed by the website owners.

Yesterday, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) threatened the Finnish government with legal action under Thailand’s strict lese majeste laws and diplomatic protest.

FACT called for severing diplomatic relations with Finland and the recall of its Thai ambassador as Finnish police blocked the entry page hosting a memorial portrait of the recently-deceased King of Thailand’s elder sister, HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana.

For those who can read Finnish:
Digitoday: February 22, 2008
Krp kertoi Digitodaylle:
Prinsessa päästettiin irti poliisin sensuurista
Iltalehti: February 22, 2008
Sananvapausjärjestö: “Krp lokasi prinsessamme maineen”

Both articles mention Freedom Against Censorship (FACT) for bringing awareness of this issue.

16 Responses to “Finland police unblock Thai website”

  1. Tapio Rautavaara Says:

    In fact the blocking is still in effect – I cannot open at all.

  2. lapio Says:

    Well Done. Pricess cannot be shield for child abuse!

  3. torax Says:

    the site will be blocked until next update of the censor list, whenever that happens

  4. finland Says:

    Site is still blocked 6 days later….
    not very efficient action from the police……

  5. BangkokAl Says:

    You wish to sever diplomatic relations and imprison Finnish people for blocking a website that actually contained child pornography. That is interesting. I think this very poor FACT decision will come back and bite you several times in the future.

  6. sarah Says:

    i need a website thats unblocks bebo our computers have really strong filtering cheers xx

  7. Browning Says:

    Don’t block me, bro

  8. dewitt Says:

    Dewitt Miller,
    I want all my web sites unblock.
    And get in every website I could.

  9. amy Says:

    Severing diplomatic relations is a total overreaction to an administrative error. FACT come across like crazys…

  10. […] the Freedom Against Censorship Thailand website:According to Finnish newspaper Digitoday, has been unblocked in Finland and removed […]

  11. Fanny Says:

    i am thai and they just block the website we use to voice our thoughts about politics. and u call this democracy? somebody gotta do something. we are citizens, we have the right and they cannot take that right from us. Gov sucks!

  12. leyle Says:

    Finland police’s are fuckin sucks them work, now this happend in there, I [the author’s name] [address]. Anneli and my daughter [Auer daughter], and [the author’s daughter] were close friends, and spent much time with each other. Jukka’s passing, after consultation with me as well. Were asked to include. family relationships. I told that I had heard that Anne and Jukka are different, we were amazed. Daughter *** repaired at once, however at the same time that this is not a tällaisetsta. Time had elapsed, but too much and I do not remember what was going on, but not ainaskaan difference! Police said this kuuilusteltavalle sides who blurted out
    that children protect their parents. The truth is that we’ve never heard that Anne and Julie had been divorced. This is not the police will probably write it down? [Auer daughter] has been right all the time here is that the father and mother had not divorced. I took us until now because I believed in his innocence and Anneli’s exemption.
    This message was posted on November 12th day, the same day when Auer was found guilty, at 20:52.
    life in Finland is 12 years, but there is no death penalty, fortunately. Finland is quite easy to blame the police and Iranian immigrants to terrorists. now they are also monitoring the police when they are crap pants and can not even interrogate the torque and turn all the crap. moving the cars in side streets, parking garages, and claim that Finland is the Al-Qaeda-like groups, and some argue that there is no threat of terrorism, but still paisuttelevat small things bigger. fairy-tale castle of blind beggars live throughout the State of Finland fucking what the system is rotten to the core crap
    police say dat some finland woman is quilty her own huspand murder, they just lie. finland police’s are cover and broke familys, lie about what the peoples say.

  13. finland?? Says:

    well that is true, racistm is all in the place’s special in Finland in this moment. By the way Finland presiden’t never comment those social work, stubid cover, allways sleepin and eat well. she should go livin in IRAK somewild, and open her blind eyes and stop be cover and move the cars over there

  14. leyle Says:

    well, i know it better coz i have see this bullshit, sorry finland is so fuckin dificult language, like some fuckin Japan. i have to use gogle but well, social system is so fuckin damn low, they all livin like some fairy-tale castle in here. should ski to fuckin IRAK to see real poorn’s, and stop be rude peoples who just want to livin here. If Iraq man work in pizzeria, finland ppl comment is like, social waster, the wrong color, bastard, loser, nigger, shit-faced, gay. so begins the crap really pisses MPLIANCEWITH

  15. Ismailhachem Says:

    too much racist pepz in europe, its hearin nice Finland style, free things for free

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