TAT to create Wikipedia spin-Bangkok Post

February 6, 2008

[FACT comments: Many FACT readers must know there has been enormous backlash to the editting of Wikipedia articles by corporations and government. Please monitor your favourite entries on Thailand to make sure the information does not just become more governmentg spin.]

Corrections Authority
By Chatrudee Theparat
Bangkok Post: February 6, 2008

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has begun a new online campaign that includes a plan to “improve and edit all the information about Thailand” in the hundreds of articles about Thailand on Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopaedia.

The project, with more targeted e-marketing, is expected to help travel suppliers increase their revenue and also create a better reputation for Thai tourism among travellers worldwide, according to Thapanee Kiatphaibool, assistant director of marketing information technology for the state agency.

The campaign includes five projects that aim to increase visitors to Thailand and create a better impression through different online marketing approaches to target groups:

• Thailand Amazing Deals will promote travel products via the new site (amazingthailand.TourismThailand.org) and e-mail campaigns targeting an estimated 1.1 million global travellers, travel trade businesses, media representatives and bloggers.

• Her Own Way will promote travel products including golf, shopping, beauty and spa services via HerOwnWay.TourismThailand.org, with e-mail acquisition campaigns and e-brochures targeting female travellers from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East.

• Thailand Portfolio will distribute content including photos, videos and travel articles through the world’s top user-generated media websites such as flickr.com, igougo.com, and youtube.com.

• The Amazing Shot … Amazing Experience Contest will encourage domestic and international travellers to post stories of their travel experiences in Thailand through video clips in order to win prizes.

• The Wiki Mission for Thailand will attempt to involve travellers in improving and editing all of the information about Thailand on Wikipedia.org and on Wikitravel.org.

According to the official press release announcing the five part plan, the “WIKI Mission for Thailand Tourism Project (will) improve and edit all the information about Thailand on http://www.WIKIPEDIA.org (all true facts) and http://www.WIKITravel.org (the travel guide) targeting digital citizen, to make them have a better understanding of Thailand by uploading complete, accurate and up-to-date information on to the websites in order to promote tourism in Thailand.”

TAT will be the first government agency in the world to set out a plan to try to change Wikipedia, which is set up in such a way to resist such a campaign. It could be interesting to watch the battle, if any develops, between the TAT and the world’s online community.

The TAT also aims to help members of the local travel and tourism industry by allowing them to post details of their travel products, deals and related information online


One Response to “TAT to create Wikipedia spin-Bangkok Post”

  1. maewnam Says:

    Thanks for spotting this, I have alerted the editors on Thai topics on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Thailand-related_topics_notice_board already. I just hope that TAT did inform themselves about the styles and rules (especially the NPOV policy) in the Wikipedia community. If they did understand (which I have my doubts) that Wikipedia is not the place for a touristic adverts, then something good can come out of this.

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