Wikipedia founder hits his target — Bangkok Post

November 21, 2007

ICT EXPO 2007: Wikipedia founder hits his target
Tony Waltham & Don Sambandaraksa
Bangkok Post Database, November 21, 2007

The founder of the free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia dropped a bombshell during his keynote speech at ICT Expo 2007 last week by saying that Internet censorship is one of Thailand’s biggest problems and that the system should be reexamined to see if it is in the best interests of the country.

Addressing an audience that included high-level officials from the host Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, NECTEC and the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Jimmy Wales said that a strong economy requires the free flow of ideas and that the disruption of the Internet harms projects like Wikipedia.
“Thailand should recognise that censorship is a barrier to progress,” he said.

Later, when asked if he realised that his hosts at the Ministry were the ones responsible for censorship in Thailand, Wales said that he was glad he had been talking to the right people…

…The ICT Forum at least may be salvaged by the private sector and a year is an eternity in terms of politics.

Hopefully our next ICT Minister will understand the difference between IT, communications and ICT and resurrect ICT Expo and actually make some good industry leading decisions while he is at it.

After five years of experimenting and finally getting it right, it would be a shame to abandon all that hard work and experience and revert to the telecom oriented event it was in its first year.

source: Bangkok Post Database, November 21, 2007

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