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September 24, 2007

[FACT comments: As we mentioned previously, ISPs are blocking websites independently of government. It is particularly worrying that blogsites such as Blogspot and WordPress are sometimes being blocked and sometimes not. Perhaps the following solution may solve the problems of blog censorship in Thailand. Please let us know.]

Great Firewall of Turkey: access your WordPress blog with WordPrexy

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As a reaction to the court’s decision to block access to the entire blogging platform in Turkey, following a libel action brought by the Islamic-creationist, Adnan Oktar, Great Firewall of Turkey activists launched project to make Turkish blogs hosted on accessible. WordPrexy is a WordPress-specific proxy server that mirrors the content of

What we do at is basically offer an easy to use proxy service to bypass the blocking of in Turkey. What we don’t do is copy your content and serve it as ours, or host it on our servers. We have neither the capacity nor the financial sources to do so.

But what is funny, and scary, is that WordPrexy could be used elsewhere in the world as well, like in Thailand where also has been blocked. Actually, WordPrexy clones every single hosted blogs, even the home page. So if your blocked blog is hosted on, WordPrexy has already a clone of it.

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  1. Sidney Says:

    He who peeps through the hole may see what will vex him,

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