New FACT statement–

June 15, 2007

FACT has issued a new statement, which exposes the ICT ministry’s lies and confusion over how many websites are blocked in Thailand. They are also distributing a CD titled Beat The Censors: Unblock ICT!, which contains proxy software. (Pantip mall in Bangkok is probably the best place to pick it up.)As anyone who’s followed ICT minister Sitthichai Pokaiyaudom’s recent Thai newspaper interviews will know, he has repeatedly asserted that his ministry has blocked only a handful of websites. (He has also admitted that he does not actually read these websites before blocking them, and indeed that he hardly ever uses the internet at all.) FACT has uploaded the ICT ministry’s internal list of websites blocked in Thailand, which contains thousands of sites, exposing Sitthichai’s lies that only a few are blocked.

Most of the websites on the blocked list are porn and gambling sites, and proxy servers. Sites linking to the Bhumibol videos are also listed, as are numerous anti-coup sites (including, and various mirrors of and Another anti-coup site,, is not listed, though it now seems to have closed altogether. Some CNN and Seattle Post-Intelligencer news pages are on the list, though they are no longer archived online.


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