Harvard University to Investigate Internet Censorship in Thailand

December 27, 2006

[ภาษาไทย: มหาวิทยาลัยฮาร์วาร์ด จะสืบสวนการเซ็นเซอร์อินเทอร์เน็ตในประเทศไทย]



Dr. Bonnie Docherty, a clinical instructor in Harvard University’s Human Rights Program is leading a team of researchers to Thailand in early January.

In conjunction with Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and its OpenNet Initiative project, the team will be investigating free expression in Thailand.

They will be examining the current Web-blocking and filtering done by several Thai government bodies, notably, the Royal Thai Police, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the Communications Authority of Thailand.

The team will also be investigating how the status of the Internet relates to free expression in Thailand and using this information in the greater context of human rights.

As all Internet censorship in Thailand is done in absolute secrecy, we are eagerly awaiting the Thai government’s responce to international scrutiny from such a prestigious university as Harvard which numbers Thai Royals among its alumni.

The Harvard team will be interviewing NGOs, journalists, lawyers, academics and other experts.

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand will organise a public forum to discuss this issue regarding human rights to free communication in a democratic society.

The world is watching…



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2 Responses to “Harvard University to Investigate Internet Censorship in Thailand”

  1. bill Says:

    I have lived in thailand for several years. I support your campaign,but alas I think it will fail. This military goverment will listen to no one. They are full of their own importance.They love the power they have and blocking internet sites is an easy target for them. Most Thai people are far from ascertive and have no idea what is happening. Thousands of dollars are spent installing electronic spy devices,whilst thousands of people live in poverty. Even sites fro the BBC (the most repected tv company in the UK) is having sites blocked. My Thai wife and myself are considering a move to another country. We just don’t want to live under a communist dictatorship.This week legislation is to be passed making it a criminal offence to look at or even attempt to look at a blocked website.Penalty is JAIL! Considering that Thailand has a thriving sex trade this has got to be the most hypocrital nonsense I have ever encountered. Most go now just in case big brother’s at my door waiting to take me away

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