Google’s reply

November 17, 2006

[ภาษาไทย: จดหมายตอบจากกูเกิล]

Google has replied to our open letter

From: Daniel Pastor <xxxxxx AT google com>
Date: Nov 17, 2006 12:52 AM
Subject: Re: [press] Do no evil…
To: Freedom Against Censorship-Thailand <facthai AT gmail com>

Thanks for the inquiry. The reports are untrue. Google has not been approached by the Thai government, has not been requested to block any content from Thai users, and has not agreed to do so. Google does not now, and has never, blocked Thai users from the Google cache. Google does not now, and has never, blocked Thai users from specific webpages and domains by (a) keyword, (b) URL, (c) IP address, and/or (d) DNS server.

As you may know, Google has no operations or office in Thailand. We have not received any reports of Google being blocked there. If you are unable to access parts of Google, it is possible that your ISP is blocking access to the Google cache, or to specific Google services or search results. From our end, Google is not blocking anything from Thai users. If you are aware of cases of blocking, please notify us.


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  1. […] Update: Very promptly, Google had replied the letter above, stated that they got no approach from Thai government and there’s no censorship from Google side. See Google’s reply. Posted in English, Document | […]

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