Dear Friend of Freedom

November 16, 2006

(ภาษาไทย: เรียน เพื่อนร่วมอุดมการณ์)

Dear Friend of Freedom,

We think the time is ripe to challenge the Thai Government over the illegal censorship of Internet sites. We believe in press freedom and freedom from censorship.

We need YOU! Will you join us as a signer to this urgent petition? (Please reply by email with your affiliation.)

In January 2004, the last time this information was made publicly available by MICT, 1,247 websites were being blocked. In January 2006, this number was only up to 2,000+ websites. However, in May 2006, more than 12,000 websites are being blocked. Our information is that 60-70 full-time civil servants are employed by MICT doing nothing but blocking websites. This is government

unrestrained by public scrutiny or common sense.

MICT is blocking anonymous proxy servers and cached web pages in search engines such as Google. Since September 19, Web discussion boards are also being blocked. It does not bode well for freedom that MICT Permanent Secretary Kraesorn Pornsuthee has been appointed to the new National Legislative Assembly.

Internet censorship curtails public access to information, academic research, press freedom and business competition, among many others. If we permit this seemingly small, innocuous erosion of our freedoms through censorship, all our other freedoms will relentlessly follow. NOW is the time to speak out.

We would welcome your participation in this action. We need friends with a brain, a heart and courage (to borrow from The Wizard of Oz).

We have engaged a respected Constitutional lawyer so you will not have to bear any expence and we will do all the work so this will not be a burden on your time. Of course, we welcome any active participation you have to offer.

Should you not personally be motivated to join us, please pass along this letter to friends and colleagues you think may be interested or simply provide us their contact details and we will get in touch with them directly.

The following brief will explain all the relevant details. Local and

international publicity is crucial to the public success of this lawsuit.

Initially, we were keen to challenge this issue in the courts. However, we have become convinced that the best initial approach will be via petition to the Human Rights Commission in order to increase public awareness of this issue.

Please contact us as soon as possible along with your affiliation and contact details.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

CJ Hinke <facthai at> Tel. 087-976-1880 (English)

Supinya Klangnarong <freemediafreepeople at> Tel. 086-788-9322 (Thai)

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