Asian Human Rights Commission

November 16, 2006

(Hong Kong, November 15, 2006) A group of media professionals, academics and other concerned persons in Thailand on Tuesday announced that they will file a petition with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) against the “secret” blocking of websites there.

The group, calling itself Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) has called for an end to government internet censorship, which it says is typical of “an insecure government in a feeble attempt at control of its citizens”.

Pointing out that there some two billion websites in the world today, the group has asked whether the government of Thailand could block them all, or whether its real purpose is to target those critical of its administration.

“There is no Thai law which permits such blocking, all of which is done in secret,” the group said in a statement.

“Government agencies also will not disclose their criteria for blocking websites or who, in fact, is making these decisions. Nor will they define what is considered ‘a threat to national security’,” it said.

The group said that it will present its petition to the NHRC at 5pm on Wednesday.

Full Story at Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong

One Response to “Asian Human Rights Commission”

  1. LewCPE Says:

    I think there’s something we can do about this. How about start a page on Wikipedia to list all of blocked URL? May be not Wikipedia but just a wiki for the world will know what Thai goverment’s doing.

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